Comparison is the thief of joy

Instead of using judgement to put ourselves or others in limiting boxes, I hope we’ll do the opposite.

There is a beautiful soul at the core of every being. We have the choice to look beyond what seems obvious and external to experience the divine. Even those who do bad in the world are doing what they believe is right in some way. They’ll suffer greatly for every wrong in their own time but why not trust that the soul will guide them when they are ready to hear? Why not accept our human family as we accept our children? After all, who knows how many lives each of us have lived – or not, before this one? Who knows how old or young we really are?

You can choose to reject or accept these ideas blindly, or you can observe them scientifically. The only way to know what is true is to live consciously and practice genuine introspection. Our lives bring about lessons and life is our school.

This is the entry into a yogic view on life and I hope these ideas will be helpful when working practically with your own issues. We’re all on a journey from the external of our being toward the centre of who we really are. In moments of judgement you can simply remind yourself, “everyone is doing the best they can,” and you’ll see that everything changes.

It’s very easy for us to get caught up in comparison, and ridicule – but that’s not why you’re here. It’s not your purpose to judge, it’s your purpose to exist and experience. Every single person is living a uniquely authentic life made up of uniquely authentic memories and their journey may cross with yours at some stage. It’s up to you to embrace the paths that are crossed, for your own beautiful experience.

Be kind to one another, be kind to yourself. But most importantly – don’t let judgement or comparison be the thief of joy.


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