Are you searching for your truth? Well, you are not alone…

Your commitment to finding truth will one day bring you to an emotional intersection where you are forced to shed layers upon layers of things that no longer serve you. You will be ground down to your bones. Whether you like it or not. One day you’ll just pause and realise.. “Here I am, in the thick of a complete transformation.” When you get to that point you can’t just simply back out. You’ve already began your truth seeking journey.

Then you’re going to risk being disliked. Actually, it’s inevitable. At some point you will be very misunderstood. You can try to fight it, but let it happen. Allow it to run it’s course. It’s tough, and you won’t know how much it stings until it happens.

You’re going to take a hit for the team. Because you’re not just learning lessons for your own improvement. Healing for one is healing for many.

You will tear apart the plans and ideologies that you thought were the answer to your longing.

Even if you aren’t religious, you will pray. You will pray on your knees and beg for some kind of sign. You will have to ask for help, the vulnerable kind of asking.

You will humbly make amends with people but you will also let others go. You will build walls so that no one can attempt to steal your joy again. There’s a good chance that you’ll be profoundly lonely for some time and by necessity, you will become your own Lover. You will feel it all and it all can happen in one day.

You’ll have to rise early after being kept awake at night by an electric brain. But you will learn to adapt and it’s only temporary. You’re going to do the hard work that integrity calls for.

You will be stripped bare that the few people who see you so naked will never speak of that beauty to anyone else.

You will turn heart break, and gut wrenching pain into evolutionary leaps and bounds. You will become present and grateful and enlightened through all of it. You will become a testament to the beautiful force of tenderness.

You will say thank you, for every damn part of it.

And then you and that truth of yours will keep on going forward.


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