People are where they are – it’s up to you to adapt.

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the ones we seek”


She has a tendency to panic. It makes it hard to keep up with her. He is selfish. He grew up dirt poor so now money is everything. She is a channel of pure wisdom, a naturally gifted seer. He is wonderfully intelligent, able to  connect vast intellectual concepts. She is fragile, new and raw. He is angry, wounded, perpetually antagonistic.

People are where they are. We may desire for them to be elsewhere. More evolved perhaps? Or more fun, more calm, less intimidating, less anxious or easier to access. Or simply more like us.

The truth is…people are just where they are and it’s up to you to adapt. We are all on a unknown journey and most will experience similar lessons in life, at different times. Some may experience more advanced emotional lessons at an early age while others are sheltered from pain until later on. The funny thing about life is this…the human experience will lead you to feel what others have felt. Something you can’t see with your eyes but something you can relate to at one time or another. The trick is knowing that people won’t know what you know and you won’t know what they know, unless you have both been there.

If you take the desire for someone to be different, out of the equation – you can meet them where they are.You can meet them in the moment. You can meet them in their despair or their greatness.

And when you truly meet them with no expectation or wishing for them to be something different, it is only then you’ll know what to do. You will form the compassion to be understanding and the humility to be reverent or the wisdom to simply walk away.

You cannot judge someone for being on a different path of lessons than you. Instead, learn from them. Learn the lessons you’re yet to find. Intrigue feeds your mind.

However, there is a question of how you would treat “angry,” “wounded” or “genius”?

The answer is not how you would help or coerce with someone to be less angry, or more healed or humble and down to earth. They are where they are. Spare yourself the desire for change. Remove the want to improve them. Instead engage with them. It is then you will see this is when change happens.


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